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So I’ve been studying…

There are some interesting takes on this thing called D/s, and, I want to do it right as opposed to taking advise from my peers and how to improve my sex life. We’re married, yes, love each other, yes, good jobs, yes, no kids and no plans to, we’re just not the type. Maybe thats gonna be bad for for our nursing home days, but it who we are. I have been a truck driver for almost 15 years, so I’m out for a week then back home for a few days, so our time together is mostly on during my 2 or 3 days off which can sometimes be during the middle of the week. She has her friends who come over, they usually end up sitting around complaining about their husbands. I can only imagine that I’m the topic when I’m not there to listen. She has a great job as the marketing director for her company, so sometimes she goes out of town to trade shows and such. I do most of my “research” when I’m on the road (not actually driving of course) and then try to look for opportunities to exercise what I’ve been reading about during the week. But I keep getting a NO from her everytime I try to bring up this sort of lifestyle. I just don’t know where to start. Really, I just hope somebody out there finds this and shows me some love and guidance. Anyone?